Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Culinary Institute of America.

   Of all my happy moments, I'd say that receiving my acceptance letter to the Culinary Institute is most definitely in my top five. This school, let me tell you, is absolutely Divine! The campus is drop dead beautiful, the administration is wonderfully helpful, the professors are ferociously passionate and the students are inspiring proud of the school as a whole, and are unabashedly devoted to doing their absolute best. The moment you step on campus you feel such glowing pride from the students, they truly love their school and are there to learn everything they possibly can. The classes are absurdly intense and I am absolutely shivering with excitement about beginning! 
  The school first opened its doors in 1946 in Connecticut as the New Haven restaurant institute as the first culinary school in the United States, its founders were two extraordinary women by the names of Frances Roth and Katharine Angell. The school focused on training World War two veterans and the faculty consisted of a chef, a baker and a dietitian.  By 1950 the school had trained six hundred students, and had only been open four years and in 1951 it had changed its name to The Culinary Institute of America. In 1970 the school made the move to a Jesuit seminary on the Hudson river in Hyde Park New York and goodness gracious is it gorgeous! The school's alumni include Duff Goldman (of Ace of Cakes), Cat Cora (of iron chef), Anthony Bourdain (no reservations) and countless others. I am so proud to have the opportunity to be a student at the institute, and can't wait for October 3rd to come around!
  what is your dream school?
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