Wednesday, June 29, 2011

oatmeal of the gods.

   I have been on a flax seed kick lately, it packs a punch in the fiber department and it tastes really great! I bought Bob's red mill ground flax seed and have two tablespoons every morning, sometimes I toss it into a smoothie with some peanut butter and bananas or sprinkle it over cereal but the other morning I was feeling oaty. Where I work we have the best organic steel cut oatmeal and smelling it all day inspired me to have some of my own. I cooked it up like usual in my beloved little cast iron pot but when it came out I stirred in my flax (it has a nutty, almost granola-y taste, I love it!) drizzled it with honey then loaded it up with blueberries and bananas.
   But the real kicker is the milk that I have found. I'm always looking for new alternatives and the other day at shoprite I came across rice milk. I'm not a huge fan of soy milk, I will use it in things but would never drink up a glass of it on its own, the chocolate flavor is alright (what's not good with chocolate though?)  but I think the grayish color is off putting and it's so watery and yuck. but this rice milk is Divine! It's almost bright white, and so sweet. It has a really unique and lovely taste and it definitely made my oatmeal extra yummy!
  What clever oatmeal recipes do you like, and if you are a flax fan, how do you use it?
   Love and Rockets,

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