Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vegetarian dim sum house, New York City.

   I am a sucker for new food adventures, and as a vegi I am always looking for new places I can try out. So when my parents suggested we take a stroll through China Town to see what we could discover I was thrilled! This was my second visit to this dim sum house, and it was just as tasty as the first.

  Ordering Dim Sum is a little different than a normal meal, it translates to "a bit of heart" and is comprised of many small dishes rather than one main course. It ranges from dumplings to sticky buns, rice balls and vegetables, prices usually stay pleasantly low in Dim Sum houses, and for someone unsure of how they feel about Asian foods, it is a good place to start because of the range of little plates they offer.

  Another thing I dearly love about Dim Sum is that it always includes a tasty tea.

  When you order, you check off boxes on a note card and hand it to the waiter. Each dish you order generally gives you two to four of each.

  The selection of steamers and mismatched plates makes Dim Sum feel whimsical and fun!

  A Dim Sum house would be a perfect place for a first date or a girls' night out, because there is a little something for everyone and the new and interesting foods can be great conversation starters!

  I always have a fantastic time in New York, and if you stop by this place on your next trip to china town I promise you will too!  
  24 Pell street, NY, NY.
  Pleasant eating,

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