Friday, July 22, 2011

A most beautiful and successful dress hunt

Oh New Hope, my absolute favorite day trip. And just over an hour's drive through the most enchanting mountains, past sprawling farms, antique shops, and historic homes can do wonders for the heart of a gal who's tired of sitting indoors.
There is something really special about all of the shops in this town, and I think it has a great deal to do with the owners of the shops being around to talk to. They care so much about their business and their customers, and that makes an impact on me every time I visit.

As much as I absolutely adore this town, and it's neighbor, Lambertville, it is far too easy for me to waste a month's worth of pay in one afternoon. So I limited myself this time, I only let $100 tempt me from my wallet and did not bring any credit cards along for the ride. And my oh my did frugality pay off in the end!
My first two purchases were small hair accessories, the first a beautiful feather hair clip and the second a charmingly whimsical flower hair pin (the softest shade of yellow with some tan and gold, it reminded me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and it was hand made by the shop owner; I could not resist it at, especially at only $6!)  But my other two finds...
Please forgive the terrible quality and awkward posture I'm keeping in this photograph, I'm certainly no model, but it's not about me! It's about this dress! Isn't it a cutie? I bought it from a store called The Three Cranes, they have excellent quality offerings all hand made by the indigenous of various not-so-well-off-countries so that the crafters can make a living. This dress was on sale, and only cost me $15! I really wanted to get a well-lit picture of the tye dye on the bottom, the colors are incredibly rich. Perhaps when I wear this puppy out I'll be able to snag a better picture.
Dress number two! Again, me with colors. But it really was the delicate shade of green and softness of the fabric that made me fall in love with this one. I can't recall the name of the shop that I found this in, but it was all clothing from India. The fabrics are to die for, ugh! And the stitching of the details was so well done! I had to have it. Take a look at the bottom of it, this one was a bit more than the first, $25, but still totally worth it!

Isn't it great? 
Sure makes me wish I could sew...
It's never too late to learn I suppose!
Love and sunscreen,

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