Thursday, September 15, 2011

A very crafty sleepover.

Put Jess, Steph, and myself together for the evening, add in pumpkin pie and the excitement of starting a new school and we're bound to have a pretty splendid time. But although eating and giggling took up a large portion of our time together, they were not all that was accomplished! Us three are (if I do say so myself), crafting crazies, and because of this, we turned out some pretty neat goodies. Because Steph is humble and delightful and would never show off how talented she is, I took the liberty of doing so for her!

Look at this teapot cozy and tell me it is not the happiest little bugger you've ever seen. I absolutely love it, the colors are perfect!

I love the leaves, they are so pretty. It's not completely finished yet but that didn't stop me from snapping some pictures! Steph is a crocheting goddess, let me tell you.

Speaking of Goddesses, Jess got a new counted cross stitch!

It's a charming little chubby bird, I can't wait to see it finished.

Oh right, and guess who finished her tea pot cross stitch!
Pictures are on their way.
double love,

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  1. I love that tea cozy! It's adorable. And I gotta tell you, your comment that my knit picks looked like Weasley knits totally made my day- I am a total Harry Potter nerd and would love to be as cool as Molly Weasley (plus, we are all gingers, so we sort of fit the mold!).