Friday, September 2, 2011

White chocolate needs some lovin' too!

Ever since I first tried a cookies and cream Hershey bar years and years ago I have been absolutely loony over white chocolate. So when I found a recipe for brownies using our pale friend I ran to the super market to pick up the ingredients. In my excitement I completely forgot to take photos up until I poured the batter into the pan, my apologies!

The recipe was very straight forward, quick to make and didn't dirty too many dishes. The worst part, as usual, was waiting an hour for them to cool.

I got this recipe from, of course, The Fat Witch cook book. I am completely obsessed with these recipes, so far I have tried five or six and every single one has been unbelievable! The writer has a shop in the city, I'm dying for a trip to visit.

These babies are so moist and chewy, and the tops of them get the best little crunch, oh they're an absolute dream; God bless Patricia Helding and her fabulously tasty recipes!
sunshine and white chocolate,

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  1. Those look absolutely wonderful. Jealous! THat cookbook sounds like it might be a wonderful thing to have. :)