Tuesday, December 20, 2011

La dia de las Tartlets

What a tasty occasion!
Tart day of product rotation usually consists of linzer cookies, a linzer tart, a fruit tart, spritz cookies, and banana chocolate tarts, done in two classes; but because we were assigned the tart starion on a Monday class, we kicked the linzers for lack of time. 

We began with the pate sucre (sugar dough) that we would use for our shells, and when that was relaxing in the refrigerator we worked on our butter spritz cookies. These little guys are great with a nice strong milky tea or coffee for an afternoon snack. And while people really seem to either love or hate them, I just so happen to have a great deal of affection for these baby cookie.However, I must admit that I do prefer them slightly under baked, they tend to get really dry if baked completely through. But let's keep that between friends, shall we? 

We also made fruit tarts, which are made with pate sucre and almond cream baked together and topped with pastry cream and tasty fruit. They are gorgeously decadent, and should really be enjoyed in a bubble bath with sparkly champagne. But for being in a dorm room, perched happily on my bed listening to knitting podcasts will have to do.

And lastly we made chocolate banana tarts, same dough for the shell, but this time we put banana slices on the bottom after they were baked and cooled, then made a banana ganache with coconut milk, dark chocolate and banana peel to pour over the slices, and topped it off with candied walnuts and a glazed banana bit. Intensly addictive! 

What a great day! Tomorrow is my interview with Jerome Bocuse for La Papillote I could not be more excited. It is also my last day on campus, winter break is nearly here!

Love and fuzzy socks,

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