Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling Funky?

Hello Friends!
Culinary school isn't always chocolate and smiles. To other students here at the CIA this is abundantly clear and laughably obvious of a statement, but to other people it can be a curious thing to say. 
But it can really get stressful, and even I feel down from it sometimes. Some classes are worse than others, and I made it out of the worst so far; Individual Production Pastries. 
Sounds fun, right? Well, not so much. More like boot-camp, only with more crying and blood. 
But regardless of feeling like a blubbering mess, I improved tenfold in the class, and in hind-sight wouldn't want it any other way. 

So if little old happy-go-lucky-me can feel like a completely different person from stress, I can't help but wonder how not so optimistic people deal.
I'd like to share how I pulled out limping but not entirely wounded from the toughest three weeks so far in school.

Firstly, don't feel ashamed that you are struggling. The old cliche holds true, different people find challenges in different things. It's perfectly OK if you feel like the only one having trouble. It may look that way to you, but I promise that you're not alone. Ask someone who looks like their doing well if they would help you, they will be flattered and you will be supported!
If you deny that you are having trouble, you'll never fix it. Meditate on exactly why you are feeling down- do you feel like no matter how hard you try you're only alright? Do you not enjoy what you are doing? And more importantly- what can you do about it?

Secondly, make time to do something you truly enjoy. You might not even want to do anything fun because you are so stressed out, but make yourself wake up early, have a gorgeously indulgent breakfast, and have a few laughs with your favorite television show or spend some time with a new book. It will help.

Next, do something brave. This can be anything from asking someone out on a date or extricating yourself from a negative situation. Take on something like a position writing for your school paper or snatch up a leadership role in a club. It can be big or small, but if it gets those nerves rattling, and holds promise of some really good end results, go for it! The adrenaline will boost your mood like you would not believe!  What do you have to lose?
And always remember, this too shall pass.

Lastly, call your family. Plain and simple!

How do you get out of a funk?

An abundance of love,



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