Monday, June 6, 2011

feeling decadent?

  This morning I was blessed with some moments to spare, so I decided that crepes were certainly in order. With a jar of honey roasted Skippy's peanut butter and an almost empty jar of Nutella batting their eye lashes at me from the cupboard, breakfast on this Monday morning was promising indeed.
  Crepes are probably one of the most over estimated goodies to make in so far as their difficulty, fear not friends and countrymen! you only need to keep two things in mind to make some dangerously tasty crepes; pour the batter nice and thin, we're looking for less than half the thickness of pancakes,  and don't overheat the pan, low to medium heat is fine as long as you let it warm up nicely before pouring in the batter.

  Let's begin, shall we?

  I made en extremely small batch, because it was only for little old me but you can feel free to multiply this should you be feeding any other hungry mouths!
  Firstly, round up
  1 egg
  1/3 cup milk
  1 1/2 tsp melted butter
  1/4 cup all purpose flour
  and a pinch of salt
  the original recipe I found called for 1 1/2 tsp sugar, but because of the fillings I'm using I don't think they need it. you are welcomed to add it in though!

  Speaking of fillings!
  mm, who doesn't love the timeless combination of peanut butter and bananas? also, no decadent breakfast is complete without one or two nutella crepes. It's just too bad my strawberry plants aren't ripe yet, that would be divine. 
  The next step is as easy as could be, simply throw together the wet ingredients, followed by the dry and whisk away. Your batter will be very thin, and don't worry about getting all of the lumps out because over mixing will cause a tough end product.

  toss a smidgen into your pan, remember to keep them thin, and when you see wee little bubbles peeking though the batter it's time to flip, they should be marbled with a lovely brown pattern when they are done cooking.

  Then fill these puppies with whatever suits you, berry reductions are brilliant in them but you can always go savory as well.

  And ta-da! It's as simple as that. On morning that I have some spare time I like to bring my breakfast outside and listen to what the birds have to say.
  Speaking of, look who came by for a visit!
  Enjoy the recipe, it will certainly help to shake off those Monday blues.
  Good luck,

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