Thursday, June 9, 2011

my favorite day of the week,

  is certainly Wednesday. And let me tell you why!

  Every girl across the globe is entitled to one day a week for indulging in truffle cakes, laughing with her ladies until she tears, watching excruciatingly girly movies with a bowl of buttered up popcorn, trips to craft stores for luxurious new yarn, and the best knitting advice around. For me, this day is Wednesday! Just over a year ago my two best friends and I dubbed Wednesday girls' night, because we found out about a biweekly knitting club that was going to be starting up at my library. My goodness, none of us had any idea just how important this club was going to be to us! The very first day our instructor, and now mentor and friend, Sandy, had us casting on and knitting away in the humble garter stitch- the rest is history.

  This particular Wednesday past was even more special though, we decided to bring our boys along for the evening. Reluctantly, they agreed and we had set one to crocheting himself a hackysack, and the other was put to work learning Stockinette (it was his second visit to the club). My dear friend Stephanie asked her boyfriend to join as well, and we did not discover until after class was over that he had been in the library the whole time! except he chose not to attempt to craft, he worked quietly on homework while we gossiped over delicious cake and exchanged knitting tips.
    The usual suspects include myself, two Jesses, Becca and Stephanie along with our teacher, one of her friends, and Kate (who works at the library) but every week we get a few walk ins, some delightfully long in years and filled with touching stories, others middle aged and happy to crack some jokes with us spring chickens, other times we get mothers looking to pick up a new hobby, and even once we had a brave young man come on his own (we never saw him again, we we are assuming the level of girl talk in the room drove him off). But no matter who comes we welcome them with open arms, ogle at their projects or for the beginners, help them find a nice simple one, feed them whatever goodies we happened to bring along, and listen happily to their musings. It really is such a special thing to have so many like minded people in a room together, i highly suggest that all of you crafters out there look for a knitting club to join; if they are anything like us they will be thrilled to have you! or if you can't find one, create your own!
  Good luck,

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