Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am entirely devoted to the brilliance of A Very Potter Musical

When I saw that Joe Moses, who portrays Severus Snape in the musical, had posted a video on his youtube account announcing that he would be doing three live shows in New York City this month, I bought two tickets immediately. The show was at the People's Improv theater on east 24th, a place I've never been to before, but it was so cute!
My friend Jess and I walked in the pouring rain from port authority to the theater, it was not a long walk, just very wet. When we got there, only a few other fans had arrived, so we were right in the front of the line. And while we were waiting, Joe walked right past us and into the theater! It elicited a very fangirl-like reaction from me and my friend.
The show was fantastic! I won't give too much away as it is going up on youtube for everyone who wasn't able to make it, but it had a touch of everything I had hoped for. 
After the show is when I really got impressed, as we all began filing out I noticed quite a tizzy had been stirred up and then I saw why. The actor who plays Cedric Diggory and Lucious Malfoy in the musical had come out to say hello to everyone, I asked him to sign my Deathly Hallows and he was so happy to do so, what a nice guy!
At the merchandise table, Charlene Kaye (absolutely wonderful musician, and friend of Joe Moses) was there to take pictures and sign autographs.

  aaaaand, most exciting of all, Joe Moses was there to say hello! What a fantastically lovely guy, while I was waiting for a chance to take a picture with him I was reading what he had written on the things other fans had brought, and he didn't just scribble his name and move on to the next fan, he took time to have a little chat with each person, and wrote something unique for everyone! He treats his fans so well, I was really impressed by how great he was to all of us who were there to support him.

We had to wait quite a while to get a chance to meet him, but it was well worth it. I opened up my Deathly Hallows to the page I wanted to ask him to sign, and said with a knowing laugh, "is this by any chance a particular chapter?", to which I told him it was the prince's tale. He seemed so flattered, it was the sweetest thing!
"That's absolutely absurd!"
Oh I was so very pleased.
any other AVPM fans reading? let me know!
Big fat hugs to everyone,

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