Sunday, August 28, 2011

My darling Juicer, at long last!

Finding this juicer was like trying to buy a tickle me Elmo on Christmas eve, absolutely everywhere was sold out! My fascination with juicers sprung to life after I started working at Jamba Juice, and steadily grew, so I sent a video response to a heath food youtuber called Mahanomi asking him my questions about juicing, and within the day he responded with such a helpful video. He told me that for what I was looking for the Breville juice fountain plus would be perfect, I believe it's the same one he used in his juice recipe videos.

So I went straight to the Breville website and they were sold out of the model I wanted! I was disappointed but certainly not discouraged. So then over to amazon...sold out, and JC Penny online...sold out. But then, only a few days later my mom found an advertisement in the newspaper for a sale at Macy's where they had none other than the exact model I was looking for! So the day before the sale we went over to see if we could put one aside and they were sold out ALREADY! The sale had not even begun yet! Oh I was so sad, I thought I would never find one. But the woman in the home ware department was so kind, and printed me out a list of all the other Macy's and the amounts of juicers that they had in stock. But by the time I called each store, they were left with only the floor models, and would not sell them!
I had read dozens of reviews, and each one kept leading me back to Breville, so I knew I did not want to settle for a juice man or a jack lelaine. It was Breville or bust! And then, one rainy afternoon I discovered why I could not find the juicer anywhere, and that was because of a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dying. So, naturally I just had to watch it. I won't try to explain it, because I simply won't do it justice, but I highly suggest that you watch it, it was as outstanding. In the documentary, they use a Breville juicer, hence the lack of them at every department store in New Jersey.
So perhaps two weeks after I began my juicer quest, I saw a coupon in the newspaper for Bed Bath and Beyond, and wondered if they had appliances. So I went online, got the telephone number of a few near me, and called away. Only one store still had one, and it was the floor model, but they told me that they will sell any floor model for a 10% discount, plus any coupons you happen to bring. So I went online and printed a 20% discount and ran to the store as quickly as my little legs could take me! When I got there I was so thrilled to see that it was already on sale, so plus my two discounts I managed only to pay $107!  It was such a happy day.
So far, I've used my juicer just about every day since I've bought it, and absolutely love it, it's a breeze to clean, it's not all that loud, and the juice tastes amazing. I've been giving all of the pulp to my dad for fertilizer for the garden and the plants are loving it!

So I took this as a little life lesson that patience pays off in the end,
happy juicing!

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