Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Forgive me friends, for I have sinned.

Here is my confession; I bought crochet from Forever 21...
Please return your rotten tomatoes to their rightful place in the rubbish bin, and hear me out!
I'm not as practiced at crocheting as I am at knitting, and I was so in love with the color, it seemed to be the shopping God's way of welcoming Autumn into my life again, and lastly, it was on sale.
Look at this caplet, oh I could not resist!

It is frilly and girly, the yarn they used is like butter, I have my first outfit with it all planned out, but I could really toss it over a handful of other dresses for a dusting of Fairy Tale romance.
I plan on wearing it first over my royal blue embroidered dress,

And my fancy pants cow girl boots (as opposed to my adventuring cowgirl boots).

Does the rug look familiar to anyone?

The cherry on top of this shopping find is the price tag!

On sale for only $14!
I will certainly be sharing the rest of my shopping finds, but rather than overload y'all at once with everything, I decided to do one new thing at a time until I've covered the lot.

Love and frugal finds,

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