Monday, September 5, 2011

I went dorm Shopping!

And the throw pillows have landed.
I have this fantasy of my dorm room swimming around in my conscience; greens in middle eastern prints drip from my bed spread where I'm perched, writing away on my worn down stationary kit while lemongrass and lavender candles punctuate each sentence I write to my kindred New Jersey souls. My pens and pencils are kept save in my Royal Albert tea pot, while the smaller goodies such as paper clips and safety pins are tucked away in an old cocoa powder jar.

While I'm not supposed to hang shelves, that is absolutely not stopping me from bringing a selection of my favorites from my home library. How can I leave behind such good friends like Harry Potter and Cathy Earnshaw? They would be devastated.
Along with my books, I'm also on the look out for a weather worn mahogany trunk to fill with my shoes, perfume, laptop and juicer (oh yes, he's coming with me too).

How pretty is this painting?

All of my pillows were on sale at Pier 1!

Doesn't this one look like an envelope? It's job is to remind me to write home!

oh I'm a sucker for sparkles.

I was so inspired by this throw rug!
Isn't it gorgeous?
I've still got more dorm room shopping to do, I need containers and a duvet cover, but what a spectacular start!

Super love and candle light,

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