Sunday, September 25, 2011

I left my heart in Tennessee.

For anyone who has seen Morgan Spurlock's documentary The best movie ever sold.
While we were on our way I was so excited to come across one of these, and because of that movie, we just had to stop here to gas up.

It was quite a drive, but when we finally got there we were not disappointed. The cabin was beautiful, and so secluded! The trip up the mountain was horrible,I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie, luckily we had the pro to drive us up. I've never seen a steeper road than the one leading up to our cabin, once we made it up the mountain we didn't want to go back down!

The cabin even had a fire place, it was so cozy!

he he, we had a big old bath tub right in the middle of our living room!

They must have known I was coming!

A view to die for right from our back porch!

Daddy enjoying the scenery.

We were so extra careful with our crazy doggie Stella in the mountains, we were afraid she would make a run for it, but she was a very well behaved girl. She loved it out there just as much as we did!

On our first night there we ate at The Old Mill restaurant, and my mom found this unbelievable quilt hanging on the wall. Pigeon Forge really took to heart local craftsmanship, the cafe we ate lunch in the following day served everything on hand made pottery which was absolutely beautiful! (The food was fabulous as well.)

Wild turkeys were all over the place!

We found a cross stitch store! Oh goodness I was so thrilled. I went a little crazy with the photos, so here are a few of my favorites!

Most of these were displays so you could see how your project will look when you're done, but they did sell a few finished projects. Totally takes all the fun away!

Alright, enough about cross stitch, back to Pigeon Forge! They had the coolest mini golf, I only took pictures of one, but look at this madness!

After roaming all over town, we went to Dolly Parton's amusement park; Dollywood. And goodness gracious, what a fun way to spend an afternoon! They had so many shows we weren't even able to see them all, and the food was dandy as well. Just take a look at this pie...

How much do you think this puppy weighed?

That's right, 25 pounds.

After drooling over all of the goodies in the bakery we rode some rides, which were great. Dollywood is such a beautiful park, it was all decorated for Autumn and the people who worked there were so nice!

The next day we drove one town over to Gatlinburg to see Tennessee Moonshine being made! It was so cool, they had a little stage with a ton of over sized rocking chairs facing it, so while my dad had a look at the museum I took a seat and listened to the live music. And what a character! The musician was totally decked out in Hillbilly garb, he was actually really great. Bluegrass music certainly grew on me during this trip. Oh I wish we could have stayed longer.

A more beautiful town could not be found.

Suffice it to say that Tennessee has my heart in its hand.
Who knew this Jersey girl would have such an affinity for the south?

Love and hush puppies,

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