Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm all packed up, and getting a pep talk from my hero, Forrest Gump because tomorrow morning I'm leaving for New York, and I wanted to compile a few of my little rules to share with other college kids. Some of them I have been following, and they have helped me out a lot, and others I've just added, and I hope they help you too.
1. No matter how silly or boring an assignment may seem, I will always do my best; because when you're proud of myself, nothing else matters.
2. No matter how frustrating a person may be, I will never speak harshly of them; because especially when a person is ill-tempered, there is always a reason.
3. No matter how humbling an experience it may be, I will always ask for help when I need to; because speaking to people who know something you don't, is the best way you can learn.
4. No matter how little I may like a person, I will never fail to look for the good in them; because even when it is difficult to find, it is always there.
5. No matter how much I may have to do, I will always write home; because you are never too busy to catch up with the people you love.
Keep each other safe, and keep faith,

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