Tuesday, December 13, 2011

19 big fat years;

December 11 was my birthday, and by a little wink of happy coincidence my school just so happened to plan a trip to New York City on Sunday! For $35 we got transportation to and fro as well as our ticket to The Radio City Christmas Spectacular! A fine birthday celebration if there ever was one. 

We left school at 9am, and were in the city and just past 10. While Elf played over head I knitted happily away on a pair of mittens that I am working on and a got to see a lovely tour through the Hudson Valley. I greatly appreciated that our bus driver took us through the scenic rout, rather than just jumping on the parkway. When we got there I garnered my layers against the cold and headed into the 19 degree New York City streets. I was lucky enough to be with some fantastic gals who knew the location of the Time Square Shake Shack, so I had my first Danny Meyer experience. Oh my word, that was absurdly tasty! I got the shroom burger, oh it was so cheesy and perfect. That bun! So eggy and decadent. Also, it would be blasphemy not to get some sort of custard treat, so I got a strawberry milkshake as well, and it was absolutely delightful. 
 After shake shackin' it up, with a full belly and excited spirit we headed out once more. Coming upon an enormous Forever 21 we immediately jumped on the chance for some heating and a spot to sit and rest, so while my friends shopped I warmed my bones and tried my best to resist the adorable sweaters and sparkly shoes the store was tempting me with. 
    The show did not begin until 5, so we had plenty of time to gallivant about time square. Let me tell you, I'm typically a snacker, I'm not too much of a big meal type of gal, besides breakfast, but that lunch at Shake Shack kept me full until after the show, which ended around six thirty. The show was, of course, fantastic, and made me want to hop on stage and try out my kicks too. Looking forward to Zumba, thanks to those Rockettes!
   The day before my birthday my parents came by for a visit, which was so nice! We tried out an Asian restaurant in New Paltz that was reviewed in La Papillote, the school newspaper. I'm certainly feeling that Christmas Spirit, and simply can not wait to go home and see that tree! 

Love and sugar plums,


  1. This sounds like such a lovely way to spend your birthday.

    xo erica

  2. that is so awesome, what a wonderful birthday!