Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mittens are hot cocoa of knitting.

They are warm and welcoming and it seems no matter what age a person is, they can be comforted by a cozy pair of mittens. They bring to mind restless nights before a big predicted snow, leaning onto the windowsill longing to catch the first flake falling and planning in just what order you would like to complete the snow-day festivities. Perhaps the most joyful moment is sitting with your mom or dad, clutching a steamy tea or hot cocoa and waiting for your school's cancellation to be announced on the radio, then taking flight throughout the house to gather warm socks, scarves, and possibly the most importantly; mittens.
My love affair with knitting goes back farther than it seems at first glance. My elementary school best friend's mother knit constantly, and I would gaze in awe at the mittens and other goodies she pulled together. Always looking though, never touching, as they seemed so delicate and precious that to mess them would be an atrocity. It took years and years after that for me to actually learn how to knit my self, and then about two years still until I knit my first mitten. Which in fact, was yesterday!
Because I often take on enormous knitting projects that eat up a few months of my time, I knew that if I was going to be able to get any gifts knit up by Christmas this year they would need to be on the smaller side. And that's when I first began thinking about mittens. So, as all knitters do when in a crafting frenzy of momentous proportions, I took to Ravelry and began digging up some patterns. But as usual, the over-achiever in me wanted to ogle fair isle mittens with fancy designs or gorgeous cable patterns, so I had to calm my self down; which is, in fact, much easier said than done when needles and yarn await.
Then, I recalled the online knitting magazine Knitty, so I pulled up it's page and began to peruse. And there, as if waiting for me with a big old smile and a cup of tea, was a perfectly simple, elegantly retro pattern originally designed by none other than Mrs. Eleanore Roosevelt. It was meant to be. So out came the double pointed needles and away I went. I finished one in a little over a day, and although on the bigger side, I simply love it. Here is the pattern if anyone is interested, it's great if you're a beginner, and a breeze if you've been knitting for some time. I know that you will have a good time working on it.

Once the busyness of Skills Verification in school subsides I'm going to get the second on the needle. I absolutely can not wait. Photos will be up shortly, and hopefully the single mitten will have its mate by the end of the weekend.
I hope you all are happy, healthy, and enjoying the chilly bite in the air,
Love and bobbins,

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