Monday, January 30, 2012

Some mornings simply set you up for a splendid afternoon.

And this morning was certainly one of those. 
Yesterday I was visited by a bit of a cold, so after a great deal of green tea and orange slices I took to bed early in hopes of chasing away the sniffles. That means, of course, that I woke up bright and early this morning, feeling fit as a fiddle! So after bundling myself up in my cozy lace cowl and doubling up on socks I took to the chilly morning air and made my way up to Roth Hall for a spot of breakfast. 
For perfect company I took too, my volume of Sherlock Holmes adventures. 
My dear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; you may be one of my new favorite authors.

His writing is so beautiful, but more than that his stories are arresting and his characters are so personable. His wit and bright sense of humor stare up at you from the pages, and while I had meant to get through perhaps the first half of a story, I tore through the entirety of The adventure of the Empty House
My breakfast too, was completely delightful. I had scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, onions and mushrooms. A generous helping of home fries came along with me too, and the table which usually holds bagels and fruit was overflowing with croissants, cheesy pretzel bread, danishes, and myriad other treats for the taking. So, naturally, along with my usual smuggled banana I also cautiously slipped into my pocket book some gorgeous pastries, delicately wrapped in napkins and tucked away for safe keeping. Oh K16 breakfast, how I adore thee. 
I arrived at 6:45, and did not return to my room until 8:30 for finding such great company in my Sherlock Holmes Volume. There is something so lavish about a breakfast spent alone with a good book, lots of coffee (with half and half, of course. Come on, indulge. You deserve it.), and a beautiful plate of eggs and home fries. I love the white-noise chatter that Farq Hall affords. 
Later in the day I have Cafe Savory Productions, where I will be working on ricotta gnocchi and tomato sauce. Yummy!

What is your ideal morning like?
an abundance of love,

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