Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the absense of onions.

Yesterday I got myself all sorts of thrilled about the prospect of whipping up some brown rice pilaf with green onions and toasted pecans in Cafe Savory Productions class. Be still my beating heart! It's such a simple recipe, so I wasn't really worried about it...that is until I sadly discovered that we had no Spanish onions in the kitchen. No big deal though, my team and I placed it on the supplemental form and away it went. So we prepped all of  the other ingredients, but could not begin because the first thing we needed to do was sweat the onions. So we waited. And waited. And our onions never came! Oh I was so sad. We made some pasta dough for something to do but my heart was heavy from the lack of pilaf-y goodness. 
So today, it is my mission to acquire my onions so that pilaf may be had. 


In writing class we finger-painted, which was a great deal of fun. That professor is a hoot. 


While I would simply adore to dim the lights, curl up in bed with a big mug of tea, and spend the day reading my collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures, and possibly knitting some stitches of my mittens, I sadly must complete my prep-work for class. 
So do tell me:
If you could blow off all prior engagements and just stay home, how would you spend your day?

an abundance of love,


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