Monday, January 16, 2012

A weekend with the Folks!

I am most decidedly and steadfastly an enormous homebody. I much prefer hanging out with my family watching silly movies and knitting over glamorous weekends of college goings-on. So when my parents wanted to come up for the weekend, I was thrilled. I get restless on campus by myself all weekend studying and doing homework, I needed a break!
Firstly when they came, we had brunch at the Eveready Diner, which is simply adorable inside.

I munched on banana foster pancakes and filled my parents in on what I had been up to lately, feeling very homey as I did so from the 1950s decor!

After we ate we went for a tour of the Roosevelt estate, which I had been dieing to do! It was enormously inspiring, and although I am a huge history buff, I think that it would be great fun for just about anyone. My mom just so happened to be wearing her mittens that I knit for her, from a pattern written by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt! How appropriate!

We toured the main home and the library, I would love to go back and visit Val-Kill; which is open seasonally.

We also visited the town of New Paltz, where I found a store devoted to hand crafted goods. The owner was there and working on a crocheted hood, how fabulous! I had a quick chat with her and learned that she and her business partner knit and crochet all of the things sold in the store, and everything else is created by local artists. They sold loads of different things, jewelry, soaps, and YARN! Hand died, luxurious wool or cotton yarn, along with cheaper (but no less lovely) alternatives like lion brand and Caron. I was so pleased! I wish that I could recall the name of the shop; but fret not, I'm sure that I will be returning.
We ate lunch at a Turkish restaurant, which was really great. I got Turkish tea and my dad got Turkish coffee, both of which were fantastic.

It was so inexpensive too! And it was great to duck out of the cold for a moment, it was 24 degrees that day!

Yummy! Huge portions, and tons of vegetarian options. 

I had no idea how perfectly I would fit in at New Paltz, loads of fair trade shops and hand crafted goodies. I have so much more exploring to do! I can not wait for it to warm up so that I can ride my bike around the town. It's not far from campus at all. 

To my CIA friends, good luck on finals this week!
Love and oolong,

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