Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reading Sherlock by the fire and eating cookies by the handful.

Finals are complete and I am feeling entirely overjoyed! What a stressful week, I am so glad to be through with my tests. First I had my baking ingredients test, which was a toughie but I managed a B. Then I took Nutrition, which was not that difficult, and freshman year seminar, which was an essay so naturally I had a blast. Gastronomy and BP Tech were a little rough, but I managed to do well so I am very relieved! I will really miss some of the classes that are now over. Baking and Pastry techniques is one that will leave behind a touch of disappointment in its absence. I really had a great time in that kitchen, and the Chef who taught it is so dear to me. But I do get to begin my writing class next week though, so that is something to look forward to! 
I am fortunate enough to be writing to you from my home, my proper home! Because we have this Monday off from classes my parents came to pick me up so that we could spend the weekend together. And this morning, with dreams of big adventures clouding my mind, I looked out the window to find that snow now decorated the whole of my town! It looks mighty beautiful, but I was looking forward to going out and about this weekend.
So instead, I watched Midnight in Paris and drank lots of tea. In the evening my parents and I watched Deathly Hallows Part 2 and ate way too many chocolate chip cookies. 
This past week the new issue of my school's newspaper- La Papillote- came out, and I nearly leapt through the ceiling when I picked it up and saw what I wrote in print;

Even though I knew that they would be printed, seeing my name listed as a contributor brought me such great joy! As horribly scary as it was to begin my interviews with the graduation day speakers, I am so glad that I jumped on the opportunity, because I am really having a blast working on my articles. And seeing them as a part of the newspaper is so satisfying!

I had another interview on Friday, right before the second half of my practical exam, and it was with Chef George Mendes, of Aldea in NYC. What a fantastically down to earth man! I have not yet finished my article, but I am happy to share it when I do. La Papillote is available online, so if anyone is interested in reading it I will share the link.
For now I am thoroughly enjoying my time off from classes and hoping that the snow may subside so that I can make a trader-joe's run. 
Until next time,
Love and oolong,

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