Monday, March 5, 2012

Excitement, Excitement!

Hello friends,
I have a lot of really exciting news. 
Firstly, we got nearly 70 signatures for the graduation pledge! 

I spent the weekend at home. Which was entirely splendid. While I pretty much sat on my butt for two days straight it was glorious just being with my parents and watching silly things on the television. We also went to a pretty cool almost-antique shop and ate donuts.

I got to interview two people for the school paper this block, instead of just one. Every three weeks my school has a graduation, and there is always a speaker there who I am lucky enough to have a nice chat with. But last week there was an Associates and a Bachelors graduation, so that meant two different speakers! Homaro Canutu of Moto, Future Foods, and Cantu Designs- and Jeffrey Kmiec of The Greenbrier. How cool! (Keep your eye peeled for the new issue of La Papillote for my piece!)

Also, I had emailed Harney and Sons about taking the campus tea club to their headquarters for a tour and tasting, and I heard back from them! Meeting with the appropriate party this week to get everything squared away.

And finally! 
I handed in my training agreement for Restaurant Daniel! Oh happy day.

I have so much to be joyous about. Tomorrow I start a new class; Basic and classical cakes. Sounds like a blast! I've heard really great thing about the Chef who teaches it, too. A little intimidated, because I do not really know anything about making beautiful cakes, but I suppose that's why I'm in the class! 

I really just want to dance in circles and give people flowers, I am so filled up with happiness!
I hope that you are feeling just as magical.
What brought you glee this weekend?
An abundance of love,


  1. Looks like you had good time. Hope you'll enjoy your new class :)xx

  2. enjoyed reading your blog

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