Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegan Demo and brand new classes!

The Gourmet Society at the Culinary Institute is always putting together great programs, they take ideas from students- what ever we would like to learn about, they pull together demos for! It is a really great club, and I would like to be involved with them. Last night their demo was vegan cooking, and oh my goodness it was brilliant. They made mashed potatoes with cashew "cream" with these wonderful Cuban sweet potatoes. They also hit them with some chipotle, so good. Then they marinaded tofu and baked it off, it was wonderful. Finally they made an Asian slaw that was simply divine. To my amazement though, I was only one of five people who came to the demo! The clubs at the CIA pull together some of the most creative and fun programs, and it breaks my heart that after all of their hard work barely anyone came. But, on the bright side, it meant that we got to have a big old portion of their dish!


In other news, I began my new classes this week. To be completely candid, I was terribly nervous about my Cafe Savory Productions class. It is a culinary fundamentals class, I'm a baker- I don't know how to cook savory! It's amazing how different the two are.
But as soon as I met the Chef who would be teaching the course, my fears dissolved. He is kind, fun, hugely helpful, and not the least bit intimidating. He teaches bakers culinary all the time, so he does not expect us to whip out beautiful tourne potatoes and perfect charcuterie. For this, I am greatly appreciative. He even welcomed us veggies to cook up a vegetable stock so that we can have some soup, too. In our first class, he pulled out bananas and yogurt and let us have at the blender. Anyone who offers smoothies has a loyal friend in me. 
Today was the first day that we were in production for that class- so we actually cooked. He started us out slowly, my team and I worked on a chicken stock and a beef stock while slicing onions for tomorrow's French onion soup. Although I had no idea what I was doing (take away my oven mitts and I am simply beside myself) I had such a great time! He was encouraging and made me feel very comfortable asking questions, which I feel is vital for effective teaching.

I also started writing class, hazzah and hooray! My professor for that class is a hoot. I'm really looking forward to spending more time in that class.
Tomorrow I begin introduction to management, and I am hoping against hope that I have the same professor that I had for a previous class, he walked right out of a Woody Allen movie, so great!
Do tell me, who was/is your favorite teacher and why?

Love and artichoke hearts,

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  1. Great ideas in the same post. love them all.